Eczema Sweet Itch Rug

QHPSKU: 6060 BR 125

Sale price£59.99


This eczema rug features an attached neck with elastic closure, a wide belly flap with elastic, adjustable surcingles and a wide tail flap. The rug has plastic closures and has a closure between the front legs to attach the belly flap. Research has proven that a zebra pattern deters flies because the stripes reflect light. This reflection irritates insects. Colours: Brown, Navy, Zebra Sizes: 105 up to and including 225 Details 6060: Material: 100% Polyester Eczema rug with fine mesh Breathable fabric Attached neck with elastic insert Wide belly flap with adjustable, elastic surcingles Wide tail flap Plastic buckles Elastic, adjustable leg straps Elastic inserts at the neck, belly flap and legs Please note: This size is the total length of the rug in cm

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