Eczema Rug Shire / Extra Large Horses

QHPSKU: 6005 BR 195

Sale price£72.00


This eczema rug is especially made for extra big horses. The rug protects the horse agains insect bites, particularly agains culicoides midges which can cause an allergic reaction and heavy itching for some horses. An eczema rug also protects the horse against sunlight and UV rays. The fabric of this rug is strong, elastic, breathable and dries quickly. Colour: Brown Sizes: 185 up to and including 225 Details 6005: Material: 100% Polyester Special fit for Friesians and baroque horse breeds Machine washable at 30ºC Plastic closures Elastic inserts at the neck, belly flap and legs Extra large tail flap Please note: This size is the total length of the rug in cm

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