Kentucky Combination Exercise Bandages

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Kentucky Combination Exercise Bandages

The Kentucky Combination Exercise Bandages are gorgeous support bandages. Made from soft polar fleece lining and a elasticated flexible support.

The elasticated flexible support of the bandages, keeps the bandages in position and prevents them from slipping down the leg.

The Kentucky Combination Exercise Bandages are fitted with a wide Velcro closure. As a result this therefore keeps them securely in place, during exercise.

The polar fleece is soft. Kind on the skin, place it closest to the leg first. The polar fleece soft liner provides great support to the horses legs. The elasticated part of the bandage then secures it in position.

The Combination Bandages are perfect for any form of exercise. Finally these bandages are Machine Washable at 30 degrees.

Sold in pack of 2. Navy Or Black.

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