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Kentucky Horsewear Elastic Tendon Boots offer the best protection of horse boots on the market today. Designed in conjunction with leading international show-jumpers. The testing and feedback delivered back to Kentucky enabled Kentucky Horsewear to deliver outstanding horse boot protection.

The Kentucky Horsewear Elastic Tendon Boots also nicknamed as the Kentucky Armadillo Tendon Boots uses the latest in innovative materials. With the emphasis on protection, comfort and freedom of movement. Without compromising on style.

The latest design uses an extremely tough outer shell casing which is styled in an extremely light yet strong TPU outer shell. The strike zones are filled with unique shock absorbing molecules called D3O. As a result, this offers even greater protection for the legs and tendons against injury from impact. .

What are the best tendon boots for horses?

The reason we suggest Kentucky Horsewear Tendon Boots offer the best protection for horses. Is that laboratory tests have shown that the boots absorb impact more than 50% better than any other boot currently on the market. The D3O intelligent molecules, that line the tendon and fetlock area of the boots, have the ability to disperse a heavy blow equivalent to that which would actually break a human bone.

Another key factor is the design of the tendon boots. The tendon area of the boot also features clever ventilation holes along the whole length of the tendon. Secondly, a perforated neoprene lining makes these boots incredibly breathable, as well as also offering excellent cushioning against the skin. As a result this helps prevent legs and tendons over-heating.

The professionals choice!

Professional and amateur riders all around the world choose Kentucky Horsewear. The tendon boot features a higher anatomic design than traditional tendon boots. This allows freedom of movement for the horse around the pastern area. As a result this enables the horse to bring its legs up further when jumping. Therefore this means the horse is less likely to knock the poles down with its fronts, helping you towards that clear round!

The design also improves freedom and comfort. Optimised at the splint bone area and therefore allowing the horse to flex the knee without interference.

The tendon boots feature an open front and the new double elasticated insertion within the strap design.

The Kentucky Horsewear Tendon Boot is developed for professional and amateur riders who want a boot that offers the ultimate in protection and outstanding performance.

Available in Black Or Brown. Full and Extra Full.

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