Korsteel Flexi Loose Ring Oval Link Snaffle


Oval Link reduces the nutcracker action Hi-tech plastic moulded around a stainless steel core Dressage legal The main action of the Oval Link Snaffle is on the tongue and the bars of the mouth. The central link drastically reduces the nutcracker action associated with single joint bits, which can cause horses to raise their heads to evade the bit. This bit is suitable for a horse or pony who is just starting their ridden career or for horses with sensitve mouths. The Korsteel JP Flexi Bits are made from hi-tech plastic which has been moulded around a core of stainless steel, so the durability of the bit is not compromised. The flexi mouthpiece is 'warmer' than a traditional stainless steel mouthpiece, which encourages acceptance of the bit. For this reason, the flexi mouthpiece is a good choice for younger horses and those with a sensitive mouth. This bit is dressage legal, and the plastic should be checked before every use for sharp edges where the horse may have chewed the mouthpiece.
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