Korsteel Stainless Steel Jointed Fulmer Snaffle Bit

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Single jointed Full cheek with loose rings Ideal for young and green horses Korsteel Fulmer Snaffle. The Fulmer Snaffle is a single jointed bit with a nutcracker action that works on the tongue, the bars of the mouth and can have action on the horses palate. The Fulmer is a variation of a full cheek with loose rings and is useful for horses that need the added cheek pressure that the full cheek provides but prefer the loose ring style bit. The Fulmer Snaffle is ideal for young and green horses as the bit applies positive pressure on the horses cheeks to aid in steering and also prevents the bit from being pulled through the horses mouth. The Fulmer Snaffle is a Loose Ring bit and is ideal for horses with a tendency to lean on the rein; the loose rings of the bit provide more movement than a fixed cheek bit and allow the rider to move the bit more in the horses mouth preventing the horse from leaning and grabbing hold of the bit as easily. The Fulmer should be used with leather keepers for security. The Korsteel Fulmer Snaffle is made from stainless steel.

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