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Shoc Air Boots - Setting a new standard in flexible protection The elusive combination of strike protection & tendon support combined with flxibility & air flow in one lightweight boot. Rigid tendon guards are replaced by vertical strips of shoc impact responsive material that remain pliable until point of impact. The durable, ultra-grip Velcro moulds easily around the boot and can be trimmed to allow for fine tuning of fit. Forward facing outer air vents and inner layer of 3D mesh optimise breathability. Soft stretch cotton liner ensures comfort. Available in Black IMPORTANT FITTING INFORMATION Please be aware that correct fitting is essential for the optimum use of Shoc air XC boots. To achieve a safe & secure fit these cross-country boots need to be put on firmly. 1. Mould the XC Boot around the tendon firmly. 2. Firmly apply the top, middle and bottom straps in succession 3. Once happy with position of boots go back and re-tighten the middle moulding-strap with its elasticated section. This is very important as it takes up any slack in the boot where the leg is narrower and prevents rotation. 4. The bottom strap should be slightly angled down to ensure best fit round the fetlock. Note: Due to the structure of the boot and the nature of the Shoc Impact Responsive material it is difficult to over-tighten these boots.

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