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Introducing The Highest Specification Joint Supplement on the Market 10-10-4 Proven Ratio of Glucosamine HCl, MSM & Chondroitin Only contains the highest grade active ingredients Zero fillers or bulking agents Produced in the UK under Femas & NOPS Standards BETTA Life products are developed and produced under strict FEMAS & NOPS Standards, ensuring that only components that are of significant benefit are included. This guarantees that you are not paying extra cost for unnecessary ingredients. You can also be safe in the knowledge that our products are provided with highest grade levels of active ingredients ensuring maximum impact and the best possible care for your horse’s joints The most common cause of problems in horses according to vets and equine specialists, is joint discomfort. Any form of exercise, especially over a prolonged period, causes micro-damage to muscle and bone. For the horse, a heavy work load or competition is essentially traumatic and physiologically unnatural, causing joint damage. Specialisation in a particular discipline causes the same muscles & joints to be used repeatedly, causing damage beyond natural repair (similar to repetitive strain syndrome in humans). Advancing age, as well as exercise, can lead to a breakdown in the natural regeneration process, where damage starts to outweigh repair, resulting in joint discomfort, stiffness, and other joint problems. By feeding a joint supplement you are helping to rebalance this process allowing your horse to stay more comfortable for longer and helping to maintain healthy joints long term. For your horse to be able to perform to his full potential it is vital that his joints are given the best possible care. The most effective way to do this is by feeding a joint supplement that boosts the natural joint repairing substances in the body. BETTA Life products are the British Nutrition specialists solution to long term joint health – we make no extravagant claims. Your horse’s health and working career is paramount which is why BetaLife products have been formulated with this as their utmost priority In most horses, if fed at the correct levels, the effect of BETTA Life PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA will be noticed after about 7 – 10 days of administration but benefits are usually seen even earlier than this. You will notice your horse becoming happier and a little easier in doing what he has always done, the hard working youngster or competition horse becoming less likely to damage or degrade his weight bearing joints and the horse who has had arthroscopic surgery is likely to see a fuller recovery in a shorter timescale.

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