Pro Mesh Memory Foam Dressage Girth

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Pro Mesh Dressage Girth Benefits:

1. Keeps the area under the girth cooler and drier which helps reduce chance of rubbing, chafing, and irritation etc. The memory foam is comfortable and is also breathable.

2. Cooling is achieved by use of a wicking material - the Coolmax lining moves the sweat away and provides it a path for evaporation.

3. The Pro Mesh is ventilated over the entire surface to provide a better path for sweat evaporation (vs. a solid girth made of solid leather or TPU/synthetic girth with limited venting).

Other Benefits:

a. Durable and Rugged

b. Good flexibility

c. Machine washable. Easy to clean. Easy to store. Easy to maintain. Use in wet conditions.

d. Our Pro Mesh girth is more durable than traditional foam/fabric/webbing only synthetic girths on the market.

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