ThinLine Flexible Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

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This Flexibly Filly grazing horse muzzle is unlike the typical heavy, hard, and “cage-like” apparatus of the past. We listened to horse owners just like you and designed this to be softer, lighter and less confining. Constructed of a durable and pliable material that radically improves comfort, it is also soft on equine teeth and lips. The Flexible Filly Muzzle is well-ventilated and safe, rated to break just before your turnout halter. Veterinary Recommendations for grazing muzzles hole sizes are as follows. 24/7 Full-time grazing in a muzzle; 3.5 to 4 cm. Restricted grazing: for horses who require substantially less sugar intake; 2 to 2.5 cm. The most common grazing hole size on the market is about 3cm and is not adjustable. Order by halter size. Available in 2 grazing hole sizes. Holes may be enlarged with a leather punch or even a pair of scissors. Mini-Pony. Larger Miniature horses and up to large pony. Grazing Centre holes. Full= 3cm, 1.2 inches or Restricted – 2.5cm. Cob-Horse. Cob, Arabian, Quarter Horse or Horses on the smaller side. Grazing Centre holes. Full = 3.3 cm, 1.32 inches or Restricted – 2.5cm. Oversize-Draft. Larger horses, Draft, Warmblood and Oversize. Grazing Centre holes. Full = 3.6cm, 1.44 inches or Restricted – 2.5cm. Machine washable. Directions:Place the muzzle in a net washing bag and wash on cold water cycle with detergent and a teaspoon of bleach. Option to purchase additional cable

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